Chi Chi Fever Love

Last night Liz and Glenn came over for dinner, movies, and crafts (well, crafts for the girls). Liz and I went shopping for Style School, but decided to embroider instead. The craft store up the street had Sublime Stitching patterns. Even though I already have a book full of their patterns, I about died when I saw Chi Chi Fever! I love this little guy so much. Just like my Horton, dreaming of bones.

Speaking of crazy Chihuahuas. I gave Horton one of those BegginStrips (sp?) yesterday and he swallowed it whole! Such a little fat kid.


  1. Such a good night. Repeat plz.

  2. I love the cross-stitched pooch! Ah so cute.
    And the picture of you on the post below: I could almost swear you looked like Julie Andrews for a moment... But with darker hair. :)

  3. Liz- YES! I want to do my own designs. Diana said she buys transfer pens off ebay.

    Emalie- You really do. I'll make you one!

    Emily- Thank you! And that's really funny, I love Julie Andrews so much.

  4. Horton is adorable. Such a grown up name for a little guy!

    p.s. tag you're it!


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