Mud Cloth & More.

Like I mentioned before, Hannah has a bunch of new designs available in her shop. These were all designed and created by Hannah while in Kenya, using some pretty incredible African fabric. Hannah is continuing her missionary work until November, when she will be coming home for a bit. Hannah plans on returning to Africa in the future as well, and as a missionary work she has to raise 100% of the funding she needs to be able to live and work there. This shop is Hannah's way of raising funds, as all the proceeds go directly to support her and her cause.

Here are a few pictures of her newest collection.

Do you recognize one of the models? Hannah shot half the pictures in Kenya, and sent the clothes home to be photographed here as well.

Please visit Hannah's shop, and help spread the word.


  1. So excited to have stumbled on your blog. Love the variety of posts. As we head into family starting territory I have a question for you. You mentioned migraines which I get as well (way less since going off birth control) and i was wondering if while pregnant you are taking anything for them, or just waiting the migraine out. I normally take excedrin migraine or sumatriptan if they are really bad currently but am worried about any carry over to a coming baby.

  2. Amber- I would love to help you & tell you all the things I'm doing to help control the migraines... It looks like you didn't leave your email or a website though :( I'm hoping you come back to this post. If you do email me- ashley.jean.sanford@gmail.com!


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