What A Charmer.

My sister made me the most beautiful charm bracelet after I graduated from college, and I'm finally getting around to sharing pictures of it (I graduated almost three years ago). She collected antique charms from all over, and made the bracelet with three different types of chain. She even made it so that it could be attached to a longer chain and worn as a necklace.


Each charm has a special meaning, but the best is the girl on top of the world. She said it's because I've always thought the world revolves around me- yup, even when making the sweetest gift in the world, she's still a typical little sister (who has no idea what she's talking about by the way!) I also love the grapes for my wedding, and the book and apple for teaching.


  1. What an amazing gift! I love this!

  2. cute bracelet! I love all the little charms that mean something!

  3. wow, that's really neat! i wish my sister made me things like this even if it did have some kind of "sisterly" thing in there! haha love that she put you and the world, that's funny.

    but really this is like a really nice charm bracelet. love the dark colors of it :)

  4. This is absolutely gorgeous!! Probably the nicest once I've seen!


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