ProjectThreeSixtyFive: Week Nine.

This Bible heart picture is by far my favorite picture in my 365 set so far. I know this picture has been taken a million times, by a million different people, but I just had to take one of my own. I've been playing around with the manual focus mode on my camera, and enjoying taking pictures so much more. I really need to learn more about the camera in general, because taking a picture a day gives me so much more time to work on it. I'm hoping to start working through the online camera lessons again soon. Maybe I just need a little motivation- anybody want to do it with me?


{//bible//grandma's scarf//antique store treasures//playing dress up//blocks//the kids begging//my favorite face//}

P.S. Want to hear another funny Jordan sleep-talking story? This morning when I woke him up this was our conversation:

Me: Jordan I forgot to wake you up, it's 6:52!
Jordan: HAHAHAHA What does thaaat mean?
Me: What do you mean?
Jordan: What is that some new hairdo your trying, the "652"?!
Me: No, it's the time you dork!
Jordan: How was I supposed to know?


  1. I love the bible photo! There is something special when you know it's your own. Great pics!

  2. hahahahah as a sleepwalker/sleeptalker/crazy person in my sleep I love the stories of sleeptalking. wish i was recorded sometimes!

    love the pictures!

  3. Haha I love your guys' sleeptalking stories!

  4. I'm loving that first picture! :) And that sleeptalking story is hilarious. I've had some pretty funny ones with my love as well. Haha<3

  5. hahah that convo is hilarious!! I love messing with my husband early in the morning...he always falls for it!

  6. Well, is it a hairstyle or what? hahaha


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