My DIY To-Do.

Spring break is just around the corner, and I already have a list of DIYs I want to complete during that week. That is, as long as I don't have a ridiculous amount of homework. Alison, Jordan's mom, is going to teach me how to use my sewing machine- which I'm super excited about. I've had two sewing machines forever, but never bothered to learn how to use them. So here is my list:

Braided Necklace:

Spool Necklace Hanger:

Party Skirt {If I learn how to use my sewing machine}:

Tennis Racket Mirror:

Doily Lamp:

{click images for sources/tutorials}

Have any other great DIYs I should add to my list? Please share!


  1. These are awesome ideas! I especially love the necklace hanger and the tennis racket mirror! I think I'll have to do some of these too, thanks!!

  2. I[m coming over to make the Party Skirt with you, I rarely use my machine either!

  3. fun! Seriously that sounds like so much fun! I love to sew and I am excited for you to learn. That braided necklace is adorable. Show us the finish products!

  4. cool! that tennis racket mirror is legit.


  5. the tennis racket mirrors are amazing! what a cool idea!

  6. i love the colors of the braided headbands. at first i thought they were headbands and when i read that they're necklaces, it got me a little intrigued. if you make them, be sure to post pictures! i'd love to see :)

  7. i love the braided necklaces and the spool hangers. cute ideas. thanks for sharing.


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