I'm always a little behind, but I'm okay with that. I loved reading everyone's six confessions posts recently, and am finally getting around to make a list of my own. So here you go.

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1. When getting into bed at night I have to run and leap in because I'm still afraid there may be something hiding under there, ready to grab me by the feet.

2. I hate pepper.

3. I don't really like food. I just like candy, and it's a problem.

4. I want to name my first daughter Dandelion more than anything, but I'm scared everyone will convince me to do otherwise.

5. Every time someone calls me "Ash", I automatically shout "LEY" inside my head. Don't ask why, I don't hate being called Ash, I'm just weird.

6. When I was a kid I thought "Queen of the world" was a real job, one that I was going to have someday.

Well, that's all for now. I could make a much longer list with all my quirkiness, but I need to go leap into bed already.


  1. Okay, I totally love candy and i'm afraid it will pass onto my baby. After all... she watches me like a hawk everytime I open a new food :( The latest? Taffy.

    #6 seriously made me laugh out loud in a good way. I love that confession.

    Also when people shorten my name to Lor from Lori, I always think "SERIOUSLY?! One more letter!"


  2. HAHA I still can't get over "queen of the world." Sounds like I'd fight you for that job ;)

    ps; I want to leap into bed with you {that sounds dirty]. I want another sleepover! <3

  3. haha this is too funny! I do the SAME thing while going to bed. I hate pepper too! My name is Diana so people sometimes call me Diane and I always Dian"A" haha oh well!

  4. i fully support the name dandelion. seriously. she would be an absolute doll. i don't have babies, but i've decided every one else and their name opinions can suck it. (:

  5. I'm with you on shortening names. I hate when people call me Lins. Sorry nope not Lins but Lindsey.

  6. HAHA! Definitely laughed out loud at the Ash confession. If we ever meet in person, I'm totally calling you Ash. :))

  7. I named my son Jameson Danger. I think it's the best name ever and suits him like no other name would so I'm all for naming your children what ever you want. I'd like to name my daughter Journey... Maybe Journey and Dandelion can play together then neither name would be weird.

  8. i'm totally with you on #1. it's why i always have to keep my feet covered when i sleep. don't want gremlins nibbling my toes!


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