Kenya Dress.

Hannah came out with a new design today, and it's by far my favorite. This dress is so gorgeous, I can't wait to wear mine (I got the gray one). This is her first design that comes in multiple sizes (pictured is a size Medium), but there are only a limited number of each. Hannah is leaving for Africa on the 22nd, and she continues to need all the support she can get. With a $1200 Malaria medicine bill and the shipping cost for the sewing machines needed for Amani Liberia, the price tag on Hannah's missionary work keeps getting bigger- so any and all support is greatly appreciated. Please spread the word, do a little shopping, and say a prayer for Hannah as she moves across the world (I haven't even began really thinking about it, I can't even look at that day in my planner with out getting tears in my eyes- it's going to be rough).

Happy shopping!

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  1. oh, wow. Her talent really knows no bounds. I ordered the Africa necklace and can't wait for it to arrive!


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