Les Champignons.

I bought these four prints at a little gift/antique shop in Sutter Creek the other week. I love them so much, I almost squeeled when I first saw them. It was even more perfect, because the owner of the store was out and her 10-year-old son was running shop. He was so adorable, and so professional, it made me giggle.

My favorite is the carrot one, but I do love the mushrooms. It's actually quite funny because I despise eating mushrooms, but I love looking at them.

Also, are any of you doing a 365 project? My sister and I both are {which I'll be blogging once a week}, and I wanted to see if anyone else is.


  1. I love them!! How are you getting them to hang though? I see the clothespins but how are THOSE stuck to the wall? I'm an idiot lol.

    And I wish I had time to do a 365 project :(

  2. Liz- I did what Katie did in her room w/velcro. Except I just used that really sticky double sided stuff... it comes in a roll. Super easy! And I know... I'm worried that I won't have enough time once school starts but I'm still gonna try! <3

  3. OH! Okay that makes sense and is a great alternative to putting holes in the wall. Must try ASAP! <3

  4. woo those prints look so pretty :3


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