Almost Here.


My sister has been working her butt off, getting ready to open her online shop. She is currently hidden away in her sewing room, creating a bunch of new (and ridiculously adorable) dresses exclusively for her shop. She has about 20 pieces from previous collections that will be available online as well as these new dresses, so there is definitely something for everyone (unless of course you are either male, or just don't like wearing amazing clothes). I have been working to get the shop up and running, and everything is in place- all we are waiting for is to fill it up with goodness. She is hoping to have all finished in the next couple of weeks, so I promise to keep you updated. This is a great way for you to support Hannah in her missionary work, as all proceeds will be going towards her move to Africa. Stay tuned for more details, and in the meantime you can look at Hannah's beautiful designs and learn more about her mission on her blog.

Here's a sneak peek at some of the fabrics she's using:

I've already picked out the dress I want, but I promise there are plenty to go around.


  1. I am excited to see her creations. I love dresses. If it weren't snowing buckets in Denver right now, I'd be wearing one :)


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