Team Mascots.

I'm not sure how other people get cute pictures of their dogs, because for me... it doesn't happen so often. My dogs just don't like to pose for the camera, and it's extremely frustrating. When the Giants won the World Series, Jordan's mom made Horton and Wilson winter sweaters with their logo on the back. She surprised me with them and I immediately pulled out my camera to take pictures. After chasing my kids around the house for about a half hour, I gave up. You can kind of see the sweater in the top picture. And as you can tell, they started to get tired so in the end I was able to get a few pictures that aren't completely blurry.

Aren't Horton's sleepy eyes just adorable in that last picture?


  1. This is awesome! The only time I can get a cute picture of my pup is when she is asleep. ps- I shared the Marcel the Shell video with all my friends and it is now making it's way across everyone's facebook page. Thanks again for introducing me to such a cute video

  2. That last picture of him is adorable!!!

  3. Ahhh flipping adorable! I manage to get some cuties of my Chi, Chico- my Great Dane on the other hand....she is a tough one to photograph!


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