She's Back.

Almost 12 days with no blog posts? That's pathetic. But then again, that's what grad school does to you. I'm surprised I made it out of last week alive. But it's okay I'm back, and better than ever. Have you seen the new blog design that Liz did for me? I'm so in love with it. Make sure to hop on over to Liz's blog & tell her how amazing she is.

And in case you are having a sad Monday, here are a couple pictures of my family (or technically my sister's) dog, Sandy:



Isn't she adorable?


  1. I love the new blog design and the pup pictures are a great way to start a Monday:)

  2. Awhhh I love Sandy. Remember how you told me never to say the word 'leash' around her? Hahaha boy did I learn quick.

  3. Brandi- Or any day of the week, huh? :)

    Liz- No you can't say "walk"! She goes crazy hehe.

    Jamie- Thank you!

  4. my puppy will probably look a lot like sandy soon! so adorable!

  5. welcome back! you're blog looks beautiful!

  6. She's such a cute puppy!

    Also, hope school gets a little easier for you. I'm almost positive I'm going to be starting grad school next fall and I'm very nervous!

  7. Lesley- I bet she will! I just saw pictures... Sandy is getting old, but I swear she still looks like a puppy. She just doesn't move like one :(

    Iris- Thank you miss :)

    Chelsea- Really??! That's exciting. Nothing to be nervous about. Even though it's a lot of work, it's really worth it!


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