Oh, Christmas Tree.

We put up our tree this weekend, and I'm loving it. Here are a few pictures.




{The little terrarium ornaments that didn't quite turn out how I wanted them.}


So, is your Christmas tree up yet?


  1. Just put ours up yesterday & just posted about it! :)
    Love yours, all the red is so pretty & love the star!

  2. we've had ours up for a while... but we went out of town for thanksgiving and wanted to come home to it. i love this season so much!!

  3. it looks so gorgeous! I put mine up Friday :) I'm hoping to get it on the blog soon. I love your tree skirt!

  4. the first thing i'm going to do when i get home from vacation is put up my tree! i almost did it before i left about 2 wks ago but i knew my bratty sis wouldn't keep the cats off of it. your tree looks great btw! :]

  5. Aww. I remember you were talking about making those ornaments. They are really cute!

    I miss you lady.

  6. The terrariums came out super cute! Did you make the little mushrooms like Katie said? I want our tree :(

  7. Love your tree!
    yes! my tree has been up for two weeks now. I still need to blog about it.

  8. Getting ours tonight, can't wait!!!

  9. i love the terrarium ornaments! so cute! we don't have a tree yet, but one will be purchased! do you get presents for horton and wilson?

  10. hi lady!! I love your tree!! Did you get it at Apple Hill? That was a tradition of ours every year growing up. Can't wait to put mine up tomorrow.
    have fun with those K's this week. Our kids are buzzing with holiday excitement. They can barely keep their feet on the ground. ;)

  11. Jamie- I'm going to go look right now!

    Lesley- I'm thinking I need to put mine up before Thanksgiving next year too :)

    Kristi- Yes! Take pictures... I want to see!

    Shereen- I thought of you when I made them. Let's plan a visit time soon, k? I miss you.

    Liz- Yes! And it was so easy!

    Iris- Awwhhh I should! But all Horton wants is food haha.

    Erin- We wanted to go to Apple Hill, but it didn't work out. I will have to do that next year! And yes our kids are so excited too. Especially since tomorrow is the first day of December. They told me today actually that tomorrow is the first day of Christmas haha.

  12. love it! and i love your wood walls - reminds me of the houses i lived in when i was younger :]

  13. I love the first photo so much! My tree is up already and I love staring at it when the lights are on :3



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