New & Old.

New: I bought my first pair of earrings since I was a little girl (yipeee!). I have horribly sensitive skin, so wearing them is torture. But I recently learned that all you need is a little Neosporin daily to treat the irritation, and it really does work. I bought these Laura Lombardi brass bar earrings from Magpie & Rye, and I think I may finally be an earring kind of girl.


Old: While I was so happy to take a picture of my new earrings, I ended up wanting to cry. Can you see the wrinkles? Now, I know they aren't horrible (yet), but they are still there. I've always thought wrinkles and gray hair are beautiful on women, but I've never thought about them on me. Anyway, I'll be 30 in just 3.5 short years and I guess a few crow's feet are normal, but it's still a tad bit depressing. Maybe I'll start photoshopping them out hehe.


  1. I love those earrings!! And you too, wrinkles and all <3

  2. pretty pretty earrings! Ugh, I've started to notice wrinkles and spots lately and it is slightly depressing. Even more depressing? I also still have acne. Cruel cruel universe.

  3. Oh, don't worry,I'm already 30 and I found a way to get rid of wrinkles...I got chubby and stretched my face skin so I don't have wrinkles! Ha ha..I am joking, a little, I am a lil chubby though and 30, I guess I just don't focus on my flaws and look at what I have going for me! Take Care, Janna Lynn

  4. Ooooh love those earrings! I have wrinkles too. And zits. Oh well, life goes on...;)

  5. I love the earrings- simple and minimalistic.

    Don't worry about wrinkles- wear your sunscreen and keep smiling :)

  6. I loooooooove these earrings. thanks for diggin' my jewelry too :)


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