It Runs In The Family.

I spent a lot of time this weekend editing pictures from the past few months so that I can get them printed. Which, I suggest you all do if you don't already. I used to keep my pictures on my computer, until I had a laptop break on me and I lost all my pictures from my freshman year at UCSB. I learned my lesson, and photo albums are my friend. I found a bunch of great ones that I missed the first time through, so expect lots of randomness on my blog coming up.

But I just had to share these. I'm such a nerd, in case you didn't already know. I have a hard time taking a serious picture, so almost every folder has at least one of me making a face like this:


But it's okay, my sister is a dork too. Too bad she looks cute making silly faces:


P.S. Jordan watched Masters Of The Universe (Yes, the He-Man movie) twice this weekend. Ridiculous.


  1. DUDE, Masters of the Universe is the beesssttt! Haha Is it weird that I had a crush on Skeletor as a child? I had an action figure and I loved him..Haha..

  2. Twice...I didn't know that was possible. (with that movie)


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