Speaking Of Artists.

I'm not sure if I've shared any of my brother's artwork here before. I'm also not sure if I mentioned the part about being from a family full of talented artists, and me being the only one without any real artistic talent. Yeah, it's depressing. My sister is an amazing designer, my dad is an architect and can paint/draw the most beautiful images (I will share someday), and my brother draws the most intricate and interesting designs/pictures you've ever seen. I also have an uncle that makes sculptures and dolls, two other uncles that are photographers, and an aunt that used to make gorgeous silver jewelry. Annoying, huh?

Here are a few of my brother's latest pieces. He sent these to me yesterday because I'm in the middle of making his business cards (they were his birthday present last year and I've been slacking just a bit). You can see more of his artwork on his Yessy site.

by Gabriel Sanford

by Gabriel Sanford


  1. Love them. He is really talented. I know how you feel about coming from an artistic family and being the least artistic one. :]


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