More Face Love.

Remember when I told you about my new favorite friend, Face, and her amazing artwork. I bought one of her shirts and I am absolutely in love with it. Face explained the owl creature in an email:

It's from the Ricky Gervais podcast. He's been doing this for ages; it highlights the truly bizarre outlook and sayings of his friend Karl Pilkington. Karl essentially thinks like a kindergartener. One podcast, they were having a discussion about how to make the best animal -best at surviving and being awesome and stuff. You know like, head of a lion, arms of a gorilla, tail of a giant scorpion or something. But Karl thought the best animal would have an armadillo body (for protection), slug juice instead of feet (“it's mainly meant to be on walls”), an owl head (to make it look nice to humans so they won't harm it), and peacock feathers (to deter predators).

Pretty hilarious, huh?

P.S. Go check out Face's blog. She just got it up and running again, and it's pretty darn awesome. I especially love her tshirt leeching tutorial. Who wants to try this with me?


  1. yup. face is badass.

    dude, can you photoshoot me? she needs pics in my wall-e tread love shirt (AMAZING!)

    come visit asap. please.

    p.s. you look amazing. as always.

    p.p.s. guess what im going to be for halloween????????

  2. The REAL reason the pool table was moved...to make the wood wall a photo shoot backdrop ;) Cut Ash!
    Most importantly though, WHERE did you get that jacket? I need it.

  3. Oh my goodness. The whole meaning behind the shirt design is AMAZING. And you look absolutely beautiful!

  4. Awesome awesome shirt and jacket and your HAIR, holy pretty!

  5. Shonna- WHAT??? I'm sure it's something amazing, it always is!!

    Liz- How did you guess ;) ? And the jacket is from my favorite store,,, you know which one. It starts with a T and ends with T!

    Sarah & Kara- Thank you! And you should check out all her shirts, they are all amazing!

  6. Omg srsly? I haven't seen it there. I need to go ASAP. I hope you don't mind if we're twins lol <3 And apparently I can't spell and said "cut" instead of "cute." I don't want to cut you, I promise ;)

  7. Liz- It's okay I wrote three commas instead of periods haha & no of course I don't mind! PS I swear you are trying to kill me every time I turn around. Yesterday, getting people to beat me up over twitter, now you are threatening to CUT me! I'm scared :)

  8. friday i'm going to be silly bandz : )
    saturday i'm going to be a minion from despicable me.

    miss you. <3

  9. ummm...just go and model for a living already! You are beyond gorgeous.

  10. I love that jacket you are wearing!

  11. hey, where can i buy one of those shirts from?

  12. Billie- http://www.redbubble.com/people/fache


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