Hugs Not Drugs.

So this week is Red Ribbon Week at my elementary school, and each day has a special theme. Tuesday was 'Hugs Not Drugs' so the kids brought their teddy bears to school. Tuesday was crazy sock day (there was a cute name that had to do with knocking the socks off something). Well, what I didn't realize was that crazy sock day means you wear crazy socks underneath your jeans. Yep, I showed up in polka dotted tights and stripe socks up to my knees. It doesn't help that I'm 6 feet tall, so I already stick out like a sore thumb in the midst of 25 five year olds. But it's okay because my kids loved my socks and they were so excited when I showed up in my silly outfit:






  1. Haha you're adorable though! I bet they loved it. I have striped socks just like these in red, and very similar shoes in red, but without the t-bar, just a strap- you have made me want to wear them together!

  2. love that outfit! cute tights!!


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