On September 11th, 2010 my sister is going to be hosting a benefit fashion show at Space 07 Salon. Not only will Hannah be showcasing her newest collection, she will also be selling pieces from Amani Ya Juu. The show will raise funds for Hannah's long-term missionary trip to Africa where she will continue working with Amani. In addition, all proceeds from the selling of Amani items will go directly to the women in Africa who put their heart and soul into each item.

Here are a few of Hannah's designs from the past:

Hannah Lenore: Gustav

Hannah Lenore: Gustav

Hannah Lenore: Sisters Wedding

Hannah Lenore 1920's

Stay tuned for more information about the fashion show. And make sure to head on over to Hannah's blog.

Also, we already have an amazing photographer. But we still need a DJ and someone to donate food/drinks. Oh, and we also need [semi-professional] models that have experience doing runway. Do you know anybody that can help?


  1. Ashlee- I'm not sure yet. I will let you know!

  2. i'm always down to help again...even if that just means buying more of hannah's clothes!


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