Secrets, Secrets, They're No SO Fun!

I promise this is one secret that won't, and didn't, hurt you one bit.

Without further ado, I'm ridiculously excited to introduce you to Little Gray Suitcase.


Liz and I are starting an online store, LGS, where we will be selling vintage and thrifted treasures. It has been so hard keeping this secret, but it was well worth the wait. We started shopping for LGS-worthy clothes & brainstorming ideas for the website after Liz came up with the idea six months ago. Now that we aren't keeping this a secret anymore, we will keep everyone updated with the store's progress (promise).

Liz is such an amazing partner, who worked her butt off yesterday taking pictures and creating the website. I, unfortunately, wasn't able to make it out to the photoshoot with Ashlee yesterday. But the pictures and website turned out beautifully, and I couldn't be more pleased/excited/giddy. The adorable graphics and tape were created by the talented, Katrina. All of these girls are just way too talented & beautiful, it drives me crazy. But crazy in a good way, of course, because I absolutely love it all. And as Liz put it, "This is why we are business partners. . . we have the same brain."

PS LGS now, officially, stands for Little Gray Suitcase. Not Leaky Gut Syndrome, gross.


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