I'm NOT On The Internet.

Don't let this post fool you, I'm not sitting in front of my computer totally cheating on my whole "break from the internet" thing. Okay, I can't lie. Maybe I am, but don't judge me. I wanted to share three things real quick before I got back to my hiatus.


Not being on the internet all day is absolutely amazing. And not having my phone ding constantly, reminding me to check my email, is pure bliss. I don't plan on turning that back on anytime soon. I definitely miss the good old days, pre-havingaridiculousinternetphonedrivingmeinsane. I blame that on Jordan, because he is the one that talked me into getting this high tech phone that is slowly driving me crazy. I want my flip-phone back darn it.


My sister made it safely to Kenya, and already saw two babboons! It's like she is living in the Lion King, I'm very jealous. She has internet and should be better be updating her blog soon, so make sure to head on over and read all about her adventures. Her blog can be found here.


Here are three more pictures from the recent fashion show I was in. These are by Lindsey as well, isn't she good?! She asked me to do another photoshoot soon, which I'm super excited about! The designer, Lindsay (with an a), has an etsy shop that I will make sure to pass that on to you soon. Also, look at how gorgeous Iris is.




Pictures by Lindsey.


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