The Good, The Bad, and The Hilarious.

The Good:

Today I taught my first full lesson plan to a 3rd grade class. It was a Social Science lesson on symbols and flags. I brought in flags from different countries, and talked about the symbolism of each. Then I had them make up their own country and flag. They had a blast, and were absolutely adorable. One little boy said his country was all about peace and harmony and his flag had a picture of a fox, which represented the wildlife that was preserved on his land. How flipping adorable is that? Then another little boy said his country was all about "rocking out and wildfires". When I left they all fought to give me hugs, and they begged me to come back again. I know, my heart melted. I cannot wait until I'm a teacher.

The Bad The Hilarious:

Iris fell. Yeah, she thinks I forgot about these pictures... but of course I didn't. Last weekend she decided to swing on my rope swing, and it snapped. Now I have to tell you, the thing was hanging by a thread and I warned her that it would break if anyone sat on it. But did she listen? No. And did we laugh at her when she fell hard? Duh.



  1. Don't worry, i-zilla! That has happened to me before. But no one saw. Only my cat. And, believe me, she was laughing her ass off.

  2. Ash you are going to be such a great teacher! What a cute lesson plan idea ;)

    And Iris...I just lol'd in my cube. That photo is priceless.

  3. lol! yeah i was absolutely hoping you had somehow lost any photographic evidence of this. too bad that pic is hilarious omg.

    p.s. i hope if i ever have kids that they are all about rocking out and wildfires. that kid sounds badass!

  4. You know what the funniest part of this picture is....that Walter is already chewing the rope and Iris is still on the ground!

  5. Hahahaha! I love that you captured it on film! Priceless :-)


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