Giveaway Time: Pass The Parcel.

I'm not sure if you remember when I won Liz's Pass The Parcel Giveaway? Yeah, it's been awhile. But we have an excuse for the delay in "passing", I promise. The parcel swap is such a fun idea, but it had to be redone. The original "parcel" was falling apart, and even started to have a friendly little spider living in it. Also, the items in the parcel had been through some pretty rough times and much of it was broken. That's why I'm starting over. I want to keep the parcel going, so I got a fresh package and some new goodies to fill it. I also want to add in a little journal so people can write a note to the next winners.

If you haven't participated in, or heard about, Pass The Parcel here are the rules:

1. Leave a comment to enter the giveaway.
2. If you win, the parcel will be mailed to you.
3. You get to rummage through the goodies and pick out what you like.
4. Then you fill up the parcel with whatever fun stuff you like.
5. Write a letter in the notebook and maybe even decorate the parcel a bit?
5. Post the giveaway on your blog & mail it to the next winner.
6. Have fun!

Sounds fun, huh?! Now all I need you to do is post a comment, and I will be picking a winner next Tuesday at 10A. Good luck!

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  1. as the first comment...i'm sure to win!...i just might have to "guest blog" on someones to pass it on :)

  2. oooo this sounds awesome!!


  3. There is nothing I love more than post and to post.
    Annnd, there is the cutest shop near me that would make great gifts in a parcel such as this..

    I can't wait to follow the journey! :)


  4. Wow wow wow! Such an awesome giveaway idea!

  5. I saw this on Liz's blog a while back. Still seems like SUCH a great idea!

  6. This is seems amazing. I love swaps and swap type tings. I would love to be entered so I hope I win!

  7. ooh sounds like so much fun! i'd love to win!

  8. This sounds so much fun! I always love receiving something surprising in my mail, so I'd definitelly love to win! Thank you for the chance! :)

  9. this is the cutest idea ever! the crafty version of the traveling pants :)

  10. oh wow! i would love to do this!

  11. great idea to include the journal ash! i was wondering when you were going to finally do this giveaway! count me in!

  12. now this really sounds like fun! would love to play.

  13. What a brilliant idea! I would love to play along! Thanks for making this possible.

  14. This is such a clever little game. I've done roundrobins before via snailmail but this is an added twist as the swappers are not pre-selected. We get to swap, get mail, read others blogs, and add a little bit of our artistic touch into the parcel. Looking forward to this. Good luck everyone. I would love to host one on my blog.


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