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This is, by far, the most important blog post I have written. So if you are just passing by, please take a minute to read.

If you haven't met my sister, Hannah, you really should. I don't mean to brag or anything, but she is amazing. Not only is she gorgeous, and an extremely talented fashion designer. She also has the biggest heart imaginable. Which is why I'm writing this.

Hannah recently decided to forgo the "master plan" she had written for her life, and pursue a bigger dream that God had placed on her heart. She originally planned on going to New York to pursue fashion, which I'm sure would have brought her fame and success. Instead she has decided to pack her bags and move to Africa, where she will be teaching women how to sew. Talk about inspiring, huh?

Through connections with Franklin Graham, Billy Graham's son, Hannah was referred to an organization called Amani Africa. Amani is a faith based sewing/marketing/training project for marginalized women in Africa. The women work together in an extremely uplifting environment where they worship God and create beautiful garments. Their creations are sold across the world, and all of the money is put back into their community. Not only is Hannah planning on going to teach and help the already amazing organization, she was also asked to "spearhead" a new project in Liberia. This is an opportunity of a lifetime for both Hannah and the women she will be working with in Liberia.

Hannah started communicating with a leader of Amani just a short time ago, and things are moving fast. (So fast that I'm getting really sad, but that's just because I'm selfish and don't want to lose my best friend.) They have asked Hannah to take a short, one month, trip to Kenya in May to get acquainted with the program and assist in the redesigning of the 2011 collection. After this initial trip, Hannah will be moving to Liberia to start her journey.

So here comes the tricky part. This organization supports the women in the communities 100%, and all missionary work is funded through friends and family. Missionaries, like Hannah, are expected to fund their trips so that all of the money from Amani can go directly to the women in Africa. This is where we all come in. Hannah will need around $4000 for the trip to Kenya, and then will need funding for her long-term trip to Liberia. The cost of living for her is only $35/day, but that adds up quickly. And in addition, she will need help buying her plane tickets. Now I know times are tough for many of us. But if your bank account is pathetic, like mine, there are other things we can do to help. If you can donate to support her, please do! I have added a donation button at the end of this post and on the sidebar of my blog. Also, we need to get the word out, so please blog/tweet/fb about this. And most importantly she needs our prayers, as this is an exciting and scary (for me at least) time.

Thank you for reading. I will keep you all updated on her journey! Oh, and I promise I haven't forgotten about the fun thing I was hinting at the other day. Just so you know, it's a giveaway and it's coming soon.


  1. SO excited for her. I'll re-blog asap. <3

  2. That is amazing. I'm going to see if I a little I can donate. It's always better when you do things God's way.

  3. You might try e-mailing this story to Delilah, the sappy love song nighttime radio host. She is heavily involved in Africa and I know she would love to hear Hannah's story, and if she reads it on the air (good chance of that), it'll bring more attention to it. (d@delilah.com)

    I am very proud of her for doing something like this, what an incredible experience!!

  4. How crazy she is able to do what she loves and to wholeheartedly serve at the same time? Amazing.

  5. Tweeting about this right now! Stopped over from Liz's blog.

  6. Wow she is awesome. That is soooo amazing. If i hadn't just lost my job thanks to the bleh economy, i would totally donate. but i have so much energy for prayers. I will be praying for her and her exciting journey!

    ps, i just came across your blog through pugly pixel. i looooove your blog. your style is perfecto and your hair is amazing! I'll be following you in my google reader from now on :)

    <3 moorea


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