Eat Organic.

Jordan & I signed up to be members of a new co-op grocery store in the Sacramento/Roseville area. After church on Sunday we talked with our friends, Brion and Katie, who are building this exclusively organic shop- Community Organic Grocery (COG). The whole co-op idea is very new to me, but I already love every aspect of it. The membership is only $120/year, which is $10/month (for all of you who fell asleep during third grade math). With the membership, all our groceries can be purchased at 15% above wholesale.

The grocery store will be purchasing from the same distributor that Whole Foods and other natural food retailers in the Northern CA region. That means good quality, completely organic, delicious food at a ridiculously reasonable price. And because the owners (Brion and Lindsy) are so awesome, they are putting together a website with their developer that overcomes every hurdle that other co-ops struggle with. No more worrying about purchasing in bulk, not knowing what products are best, or who the other members are. Brion described the website as a cross between Amazon and Facebook. Pretty neat, huh?

Honestly, I don't think I've ever been this excited about food before. Jordan does the grocery shopping, and I am rarely home to eat a meal. But I promise, once COG is up and running- everything will change.

Who knew grocery shopping could be fun? If you live in the Roseville/Sacramento area and you want more information you can go to the COG facebook page, or you can email Brion and Lindsy at communityorganicgrocery@gmail.com


  1. I know someone that did something like this and they loved it. Plus $10 a month for organic? That pays for itself!!

  2. That sounds amazing. I need to look into it and see if they have it for the San Jose area.

  3. That's a flippin GREAT IDEA. I might have to sign up myself. I visited my friend in LA over the weekend and she took me to this community garden that I fell head over heels in love with. Strawberry planting party at my house soon? K thanks.

  4. I'm going to talk to Glenn about it too. From what you've told me it sounds amazing!

  5. Diana- Seriously, it is such a great price! I can't wait to have all organic/healthy food.

    Shereen- Or even better, move here and become members of COG!

    Ashlee- I WANT TO PLANT STRAWBERRIES!!!! And you should sign up, it's such a great idea.

    Liz- It really is amazing, plus it's going to have bike stuff. How could he say no?


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