Peanut Butter.

One of the best things that's happened since I got married is that I found out how much Jordan talks in his sleep. And it's absolutely hilarious. I am in night school, so Monday-Wednesday he is already asleep by the time I get home. And I swear, everytime I get into bed he starts going on about something. So that means I can't fall asleep because I can't control the laughter, but it makes for a happier Ashley! Here are a couple of my favorite conversations we've had:

Jordan- Hey babe, will you trim in my face? (In a really sweet voice)
Me- Huh, trim? What does that mean?
Jordan- You know babe, like trim my face... it's what the boxers do. (As he sort of pretends to punch himself in the face)
Jordan- I just wanna trim is all.
(I have no idea if he wanted me to trim his imaginary beard, or punch him in the face?)

Jordan- It's so hot in this place!
Me- What?
Jordan- In the bar, it's so hot!
Me- What bar? What are you talking about?
Jordan- I'm in a bar. In Africa, and it's HOT!

Jordan- Yo! You like my kicks? (As he kicks up his foot)
Me- Your kicks?
Jordan- Yeah, you know... like the cereal. It's like lucky charms without the marshmallows. (This was done in his best gangster voice)

Jordan- I don't know the different between kinda hot, and really $%&#ing HOT! (He shouted the last part)
Me- HAHA, oh yeah?
Jordan- Yeah. I'm looking at Uncle Joey's wife from That 70s Show, and she's like really %$&#ing HOT.
(The next day he told me he was dreaming about Uncle JESSE's wife from FULL HOUSE)

And this one is the best...

One night he jumps out of bed, and runs to the kitchen. He comes back a few seconds later and starts shoving something toward my mouth. I sit up and ask him what the heck he is doing. He has a spoon full of peanut butter that he's trying to put in my mouth. He said "Well, you asked me to get you peanut butter, didn't you?!" Yeah, I definitely didn't ask for that.

Okay, enough about that for now.

I also wanted to thank everyone who has been helping me out with the Craft For A Cure. I am so excited about all of the donations and responses I've gotten so far. For those of you that said you would like to donate a craft, I will be sending out an email soon. And if you haven't had a chance to check out our Relay For Life page yet, here is the link.

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  1. Yeah, Im pretty amazing!

  2. bahaha that's hilarious!!! that reminds me of my bf one night i woke him up because he was snoring too loud and he jumped up, turned on the tv and went right back to sleep! he totally didnt remember doing that the next morning when i asked him bahahah. you guys are too cute!<3

  3. lol "im in a bar. in africa" you should record these!

  4. LOL I remember you telling me some of these. Jordan is such a dork. I love you guys<3

  5. Jordan- I agree.

    Vanny- That is so funny! Don't you wish you had a video recorder ready for times like that?!

    Iris- Seriously, I'm thinking I should keep a recorder under my pillow or something. Okay, that's a little awkward.

    Liz- He really is. I said it's like Things My Husband Says When He's Asleep. Sound familiar? Love you.


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