Even Santa Has Bad Days.

So you think you're having a bad day? Well, whenever I'm sinking into self pity, and think my day couldn't get any worse, I just look at this picture. I remember that no matter how bad my day is, it couldn't be any more unpleasant than the day Santa met me.

I mean, come on, look at the poor man's face.

Poor Santa.

P.S. The mailman just tried to race me around the block. He was driving a truck, I was attempting to walk two Chihuahuas. Talk about unfair.


  1. Hahahaahahahaha. Some things never change ;)

  2. Haha.. aw. :) I need a picture like that.

  3. LOL...I think this was the last picture you ever took with Santa. The rest are you in front of a picture of Santa....Poor Santa.


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