Button Love

Sometimes I like to sit in the music hall on campus and pretend like I'm a talented musician. Yeah, I'm actually waiting to teach the next orchestra class. I left my instruments in my car, can you help me get them?

No, actually it's just the closest building to the parking garage. I'm waiting for my friend who I carpool with, and I'm too lazy to walk all the way to the library. But it is pretty interesting watching all the people with their instruments. I especially love when their bags are so big it looks like they are going to fall over at any minute. Did I really just admit that? I guess I'm not as nice as you thought I was.

On an unrelated note, I finished another Style School project! Well, I kind of did. For this one you were supposed to sew buttons on your pet's leash or collar. I'm lazy and Horton goes through collars too often, so I decided to use glue and forget about the whole needle and thread thing. Yeah, I'm full of good excuses- leave me alone. But it turned out adorable. He is totally a button wearing kind of guy. He tells me every day how much he loves his new collar.

Hannah gave me a big bag of pretty buttons. I'm glad she gave them to me, because if she didn't I was planning on stealing them.


  1. horton looks great in his button-embellished collar. great job! (great name, too.)

  2. what a handsome dog! i love the picture of his tag amongst the buttons. cute cute!

  3. Horton is such a fashionista.

  4. Katrina- Thank you! His name is very appropriate, he totally has a "Horton-ish" personality.

    Iris- Thanks! I was trying to be artistic haha.

    Liz- I wish he was then he would let me play dress up with him!


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