Slow Readers Book Club

I'm so excited about joining the Slow Readers Book Club. Liz & I have talked about starting a book club in the past. But of course, that was still on our list of things to do when she showed me this.

The club was started by Diana. You can read more about the book club here.

I really love the name. It isn't literally for slow readers, as it is named after the slow movement. But for some reason it seems a little less daunting with a title like that. With all the textbook reading I've been doing lately, this will be a great excuse to read for fun.


  1. SO stoked to do this!! Let's go on a book buying date soon? Or should we just get them on Amazon? What do you think?

  2. Liz- I say we buy them on amazon or half.com. And we should buy them together so we can save on shipping? But I still want a date soon.


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